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Testing Chromium

Building the Chromium LLVM Binary

Although it is not yet practical to execute under Cloud9, you can still generate a complete Chromium LLVM binary (approx. 1.2GB for the Debug configuration) using Cloud9's LLVM bitcode generation environment. We assume you are already familiar with Chromium's build procedure, and that you have checked out the source code on your machine under $CHROMIUM_ROOT.
  1. Download and install Chromium's version of Clang:
    $ $CHROMIUM_ROOT/src/tools/clang/scripts/update.sh

    Note: This is only a workaround to make Chromium's build system accept the use of Clang. In the end, we will actually use Cloud9's version of Clang.

  2. Configure the shell environment for LLVM bitcode generation:
    $ source $CLOUD9_ROOT/src/testing_targets/build/prepare_build_env.sh

  3. Generate Chromium's build files:
    $ $CHROMIUM_ROOT/src/build/gyp_chromium \
        -Ddisable_nacl=1 \
        -Dclang=1 \
        -Dlinux_use_gold_binary=0 \

  4. Build Chromium:
    $ make chrome -j4 AR.host="$AR" ARFLAGS.host=-crs ARFLAGS.target=-crs LDFLAGS.host="$LDFLAGS"

    Note: This might take a while. The linking process is especially expensive. To reduce the build time, you can produce the release executable instead, by appending the BUILDTYPE=Release option to make.