Profiling Cloud9

You can use Google's performance tools to profile Cloud9's execution. This is useful in cases when Cloud9 runs unexpectedly slow for certain testing targets, you introduce extra operations in the execution engine and want to measure their impact, when suspecting an infinite loop, etc.

Quick GPerf Installation Instructions
  1. Install this exact version of libunwind (and uninstall any previous version you had installed):
  2. Run the regular ./configure && make && sudo make install to install the tools on your system.
Find the full instructions in the project's INSTALL file.

CPU Profiling with GPerf

Find the full documentation here. Long story short, link your executable with -lprofiler, and run it with the CPUPROFILE environment variable set to the name of the profile file. Use then pprof to analyze the file (you can do this while the program is still running), and output it in various formats (e.g., PDF).