Cloning from Github

Cloud9 also has a mirror on Github. It is particularly useful in case cloning using the HTTPS protocol is not possible. In order to clone Cloud9 from Github, change the normal setup procedure as follows:
  1. Create a fresh directory for the Cloud9 installation. We'll call it $CLOUD9_ROOT.
  2. In $CLOUD9_ROOT, create the following .gclient file:
    solutions = [
      { "name"        : "src",
        "url"         : "git://",
        "deps_file"   : "DEPS",
        "managed"     : True,
        "custom_deps" : {
          "src/cloud9": "git://",
          "src/klee-uclibc": "git://",
          "src/third_party/boolector": "git://",
        "safesync_url": "",

  3. Run gclient sync, then follow the rest of the installation procedure.