[November 2013] Cloud9 receives the Gold Prize in the 2013 Open Source Software World Challenge.

[June 2012]
Efficient State Merging in Symbolic Execution with Cloud9-based implementation is presented at
PLDI 2012. Download the code and the data collected during experiments. The code is in alpha version and is based on an older version of Cloud9.

[September 2011] Stefan is awarded the 2011 Google European Doctoral Fellowship in Software Dependability, which will fund his research on Cloud9.

[June 2011] Cloud9 is presented at The 1st International SAT/SMT Solver Summer School 2011 organized at MIT. We showcase a few interesting statistics about the path constraints queries generated by Cloud9 during symbolic execution. Talk materials | Video
Cloud9 is a parallel symbolic execution engine that scales on shared-nothing clusters of commodity hardware. It can test systems ranging from command line utilities to Internet servers and distributed systems, thanks to its support for a symbolic POSIX OS environment. Cloud9 builds upon the KLEE symbolic execution engine. For more details about the principles behind Cloud9 and the applications it enables, check out the publication list.

Note: The version of Cloud9 that supports efficient state merging (PLDI'12) is available as a separate download: code & data. We plan to merge the code to mainstream Cloud9 in the future.